Sharon Buck
Chief Executive Officer

Sharon Buck started Win Gov Contracts because she is passionate about helping small businesses, those with less than $5 million a year in revenue, to grow their companies utilizing the $4 trillion a year jobs the government awards.

“So many companies are totally unaware that they can sell their services or products to the government,” states Buck. “They can go from $50,000 a year to millions within a couple of years by selling to the government. Often, they just need to have someone to do the paperwork to get them started and certified. That’s what we do. We help them on the bigger road to success.”

Buck has written bid proposals for multi-million federal contracts with the U.S. government for contractors; written technical manuals for Fortune 500 and other companies including, but not limited to multi-million dollar commercial security and fire alarm systems, airport baggage conveyor belt systems, shopping center development and maintenance of HVAC systems.

 Win Gov Contracts specializes in the least fun part of doing business with the government, the start-up and certification paperwork. Our team of specialists will do what we do best, and this frees you up to do what you do best – running your business.

Call us at (386) 328-3743, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (EST) to see how we can help you grow your business or email Sharon –